Life is full of amazing and crazy adventures. None are as important as being a loving wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, and friend. I tend to look at the brighter side and remain true to myself. It wasn’t always like that. I do believe in my heart we become wiser as time goes on. We learn to start taking into account our own needs in order to find our true health, passion and inner peace. I write about life: the tips, techniques and tidbits I have learned from my mentors, books and my own experiences.
Life always seems to bring me back to the heart of the home…the kitchen. This is the room where all of my personal creativity, whether it be family related, food related, business and writing related, the heart of our home, is where my mind tends to dream and concoct freely.
This One Crazy Cook will write about life, family, love, giving, sharing, crazy antics, food and nutrition. These are the ingredients for the recipe of my crazy good life. My specialty is making, gifting and selling my homemade meat and veggie rubs and spice blends. I also teach Food Prepping. I love the response from women….and men…when they see how quick and easy it is to get organized in the kitchen and prepare a weeks worth of meals in just 2-3 hours on a Sunday afternoon….or any day of your own personal preference.
Feel free to read, chat, swap, exchange and share. Community is key to a good and fulfilling existence.


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