Food Prep 101 – The Grocery List Prep #1



Get ready, get set…… Are ya ready to get your groove on at the market? Have you scanned your flyers for produce and meat deals for the week? Have you written the ……






Soon we will be heading to the grocery store to capture the best deals. Before we go I will be sharing my grocery list with you. I am prepping and cooking for two of us. When you view my list you may have to adjust yours accordingly to the number of mouths you are feeding.

I am posting my list tomorrow morning, after which, I will set my tools out on the counter so everything is ready for my arrival home with eight reusable grocery bags, a bottle of laundry detergent, keys and handbag all slung over my shoulders, wrists and fingers (because I am a woman, hear me roar, and  I don’t like making three or four trips to the car and back). Must remember Rub A-5-3-5 for soar arms




Having everything ready and on the counter when I get home is a bonus. The added benefit is the motivation it gives me to get the prepping done. If I come home from shopping all dog-tired, and if none of my tools are at the ready, the groceries will get placed in the fridge and out of my sight. Who wants to come home and leave all this food sitting in grocery bags while we dig out our tools. NOT!

For now, this chick needs her (bathroom cleaned) bed, a good book, and a warm cuppa tea. Been feeling the cold all day. Off to read, rest and dream. Presently reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. It is a very good read!


P.S. My favorite go to tea for bedtime is Traditional Medicinal’s Nighty Night or Easy Now. Both have such a soothing and calming affect.



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