A Potta Zuppa (Soup) – Re posting by request



What better way to warm up the belly on such frigid days such as today than with a hot bowl of soup. Today we will make a pot to warm the tithers and relax by a cozy fire with the soothing sounds of classy Jazz playing in the background. Now that sound good when it’s -22  outside and feeling more like -30.

The words “polar” and “vortex” have now been tossed together. Da-Da-Daaaaaa!  We lived through this Polar Vortex two weeks ago. It has been coined for the dramatic shifts in frigid temps we have seen, or felt >>>insert chattering teeth and the cracking of bones here<<<

Every time the temperature plummets now all we hear is the term being thrown at us. Individual’s visiting and indulging in their luscious java concoction of the day at our local Starbucks (L.O.V.E) are talking about the “current” Polar Vortex we are experiencing this time around.





Ummm, yeah! This was one Crrrrazy day for moving to our new home!!!

This was moving day for us. I think the cold would have been easier to deal with. We ended up in blizzard conditions on country roads. Yikes! Visibility was almost non existent about ten minutes after this photo was taken. Not sure if all that snow was easier to take than the cold on moving day….haha! When I feel the cold we are experiencing now,  I think I’d still rather move in the snow.

Not complaining. Just saying!

Image found on Pinterest. Sorry there was no link for it. Not sure who to credit.

I personally am “Polar-Vortexed” up to my ears. It was so frigid last night and today. Brrrr! I was so cold for the better part of my outing today running errands locally, but, and this is the BIG but, I came home today to a hot potta zuppa (what my Auntie Genevieve used to refer to as soup). There is something about the richness that hits the nostrils, that robust scent of tomatoes and broth simmering with herbs when I enter the warmth of our home. It welcomes me and melts my chills away almost instantly. I cannot wait to remove my gloves..boots..coat..scarf..toque..extra sweater..extra pair of socks…… Oh yes, did I happen to mention Polar -Vortex it’s really cold here?

So on to our “zuppa”. Let me say one thing ok, maybe a bunch of things right now. Soup is one of the fastest and easiest food concoctions to create. ANYONE can make a good pot of savory, delicious soup…ANYONE! First thing we do is look in the fridge. Grab out any veggies you would like to add. NOTE: The ones I always grab first are the onions, celery, carrots, and most times mushrooms.
The list is endless from there. Put them on your counter and grab a peeler, sharp knife, cutting board and a large pot. Now go grab the olive oil and add a glop to the pot (approx 2 Tbsp).



Love me some Crazy good tools!

In the meantime bring a smaller pot of water to boil for any type of noodles, rice or pasta you might like to add ( adding as you serve the soup so the broth isn’t absorbed.Ya don’t want to end up with a bowl of mush). You won’t need a lot. Just enough to add about a large serving spoon size portion per bowl. Now start peeling, slicing, cutting and chopping (whatever method pleases you), or just get out the food processor and let it do most of the work for you. I prefer the edge of a sharp knife and the meditative motion of chopping my veggies. To each their own!

I also love to put spinach and white kidney beans into our soups. The spinach gives a depth of flavor and color. The beans give it a thicker and richer broth.


I have not been paid for endorsing this product. I’m just Crazy about their products!

Heat the oil in large pot and add *sea salt (for it’s minerals and nutrients), fresh ground pepper, 1 Tbsp Oregano, 1 tsp Thyme, and 3 crushed garlic cloves (you could use 2 tsp crushed garlic from a jar if ya like). Saute’ for 1/2 a minute on medium heat. I use a gas stove, therefore, heat can be adjusted to ‘your’ medium on an electric stove. Add the chopped veggies and saute’ until almost soft but not quite. Add 2 Tbsp tomato paste and saute’ for one more minute.

Did I mention it’s really cold here today! Hmmmm… I thought so. Anyhooo…

Crazy good mixture of chopped veggies. Only took 5 minutes to chop all!

Now you will add the Chicken Broth, 1 large can of diced tomatoes and 1 large can white kidney beans.


These photos were taken a while back. I currently and most strictly use Organic products that are canned or packaged. This is a moral choice and one that I hope reflects in good health.

Stir and simmer for 15 minutes on medium – low heat.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Potta Zuppa~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Viola! It is ready for serving in less than 1 half an hour. I love to add a good mound of freshly grated Parmesan cheese and a little freshly ground pepper. If you are having guests over you could gently lay a dollop of Ricotta cheese on top and garnished with a fresh Basil leaf.
For the meat lovers out there…go for it! Chopped cooked chicken, beef, pork…..anything you have in the fridge and on hand will work fine!

Tell me how you like soup. Do you add lots of Crazy ingredients? Do you add meat? Share with me. I love sharing Crazy good recipes!

Let me know if you try this recipe and whether or not you add any of your own Crazy ingredients!

This chickie has a *Crazy Craving* for a bowlapottazuppa.

Enjoy !!                          

~~ sUz~~

~~~P.S. Please feel free to leave your comments at the bottom of this page~~


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